Tabloid fodder…

I’m happy to admit that, on occasion, my mouth does get me in trouble, but that’s nothing compared to the trouble my writing tends to get me in. We’re talking epic, life changing trouble.

Especially when I write satire. Apparently, my sense of humour is not QUITE shared by everyone, no idea why. (Well, actually, I may have an idea or two but why give all the goodies away.)


Do I learn from my mistakes? – Nah.
Do I perhaps just stf up? – Hell no!

So I put something on the Freebie Menue for February that I PERSONALLY find hilarious.

It may not be your cup of tea.

And yes, you guessed it. It’s satire. A parody of a tabloid article to be precise.

Still here?

Then here goes:

Hope you enjoy.

If not…

…see you in March ;D

Have a lovely February!


Morgan A. Pryce



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New Year’s Resolution 2017


This sigh marks the beginning of my blogging year 2017. Because I have just realised that while I seem to have tweeted up a storm and even found a second (or third? fourth??) wind on Facebook, poor Blog has once again been “abanneglecteddoned”.

So my New Year’s Resolution is:

That’s right.


Sounds doable, right?


Nothing to keep me from that, right?



So how about I start with a free story for January.

If you like, just hop over to “Freebies” ( )  for a quick read and if YOUR resolution for 2017 was to write a nice comment for your favourite writer, you may go right ahead and tweet Stephen King or Margaret Atwood or J.K. Rowling or …. WHOEVER.

But know that I would greatly appreciate a comment, too.

I don’t get that many, you know.

Which is really quite disheartening if you try to motivate yourself to keep a Blog going.

Which means that it’s entirely up to YOU whether or not I can keep my New Year’s resolution.

Nothing to do with me applying a** to chair and fingers to keyboard.


How is that for a plot twist 😀


Happy New Year from the laziest Blogger in existence, hope all your wishes for 2017 come true and that you and I both find the strength to motivate ourselves to give each other joy.

Morgan A. Pryce

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Free read…

Monsoon Madness Linky to my November 2015 story in the BigChilli magazine. Click & go to p. 153 for “Monsoon Madness”. Hope you enjoy, I had a ton of fun writing it ;D

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Ummmm… anyone still out there?

I just realised that it has been a while since my last contribution to this Blog. The bad news is: this semester was one of the busiest in my professional life. Easily. If there were a Richter-scale from 1-10 of busy-ness, this one would be a 9.95.

The good news: I managed to keep my “Writing Sunday” alive, finished the first draft of a new story and am now halfway through the re-write. Those who follow me on Twitter may have already come across #LastDaughter.

This is a story set in in pre-historic times in what is now the Hebei province of China and is a re-telling of a myth shared between the Hmong and the Chinese. But of course I am putting my usual little twist on it: it´s my second Asian Steampunk story, and I added both magic (mainly Shamanism) and technology. Naturally, it´s the latter that proves a challenge, me being an absolute ignoramus in this field. On the plus-side, researching this story, I have learned a whole lot about metallurgy, meteorology, electric and heat conductivity and even – thanks to Rayne Hall’s Writers Research group,  a bunch of incredibly supportive writers with an extraordinary spread of talent, PARACHUTING!

I am currently looking forward to two solid weeks away from campus and by the end of it, I hope to be well into the editing phase of things. Keep your pens crossed for me!

One more thing before I go: I would not even HAVE a story to work on if I had not dragged myself to my writing place each and every Sunday, no matter what. It is a realistic, albeit somtimes incredibly exhausting routine, to dedicate ONE out of seven days to my writing self (followed, of course, by a treasured reward – mine: a movie after). But if my day (and pay) job deserves my full attention, so does my Sun(mostly no pay but incredibly fun)day.

If you are also not a full-time writer: what kind of routine can YOU make happen for yourself? Or do you struggle to find the time? I know I did, for years, because the day job loomed large and demanding, and then there is this thing called personal life…

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Climbing through the ranks…

… on is a rollercoaster experience. Just last weekend, Monsoon Midnights climbed from 86 on the Amazon best seller list for travel (category literary and religious – funny little combination but there you go…) to 40, then fell to 46 – and all that within a matter of hours.

Now, I have heard about the Amazon algorithms (or “allergyrhythms” as someone who shall remain unnamed tends to call them) and about the sales-rank equations. But that´s the theory. REALITY, at least for me, is checking in on this list far too often, going back and forth between happy smiles and angry cursing, and generally showing all the symptoms of going gently but steadfastly round the bend.

So here´s my piece of advice to writers: DO.NOT.CHECK.THAT.LIST.


UNLESS you know a bunch of kind people who are ready to invest a little of their time and money to hit Amazon following a shameless book plug (such as the one you have just read mwuuhaaahaahaaaa!) and click … heheheh… the link below…

*deranged author laughs insanely and heads to Amazon best seller list travel/literary and religious*

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2014 summed up PLUS: “The Gate” and “What Goes Around” in new collection “Monsoon Midnights”

Hello, folks!

I can only hope that this past year has been as  good to you all as it has been to me as a writer. For one, I made good progress in my historical novel (if you follow me on Twitter you may have glimpsed the occasional “Had fun today destroying a village” or “Hmmmm… is there any such thing as temporary blindness that lasts for years and then disappears?” (apparently there is but the optic nerves is damaged – PERFECT! Thank you Twitterverse and Rayne´s Writers Research Group for saving me from would probably have been months of research!!!).

I also had my first commissioned short story published (“The Naga” in Cogwheels. Ten Tales of Steampunk” – if you snoop a bit around on this blog you´ll find a little more on what happened there). And, the big news for those of you who don´t know me personally and are lucky enough to have escaped my constant nattering about it: TWO more stories have made it into the recently published and stunningly illustrated Monsoon Midnights:

Considering that the odd non-fiction made it out into the world as well (don´t look, it´s under a different name but if you´re in my field and located in Southeast Asia you may already have come across it anyway (yep. blatant and unapologetic boasting!) – Anyway what I was going to say before my syntax went out of the window: As far as getting my writing out there, 2014 has been pretty decent.

So for 2015 I´ll try to keep it up, I PROMISE to drop by this blog a little more often (let´s say… once a month for a start?) and I WILL win NaNoWriMo again next November, come procrastination hell or “I have no time” high water. There. I wrote it so this is how it is going to be. What are your goals for 2015? Care to share so we give each other the occasional push (or kick in the… behind?) I´m up to it if you are.

Merry Christmas and a very happy and inspired 2015!

Morgan A. Pryce

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Just out “The Naga” in…


COGWHEELS Ten Tales of Steampunk Cover 2014-04-25

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